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I like to observe people around me. I make them as a lesson to me, good or bad. I like to share my moment with family, friends and cikt-am. I have my own writen everywhere diary and hope to keep this one online to share with the readers.

the end

terima kasih banyak2 kerana melawat “page” ini selama ini. saya mengambil keputusan untuk tutup page ini tapi belum jumpa cara jadi saya “move to trash” ke semua “entry” saya sebelum ini. maaf jika ada yang kecewa tapi saya harap tiada. … Continue reading

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Angin lalu bawa ku pergi jauh

It’s been windy these few days. Breeze, cool and I like it so much. Mak said this is “angin kemarau dari timur” (drought wind from the east). That means we will have drought in future. I have very cool morning … Continue reading

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